Local News Media Links

    Taunton Daily Gazette : (508)-822-7121
    Fall River Herald : (508)-675-7151

Radio Stations:
    WPEP Radio : (508)-822-1570
    WSAR Radio : (508)-678-9727

Television Stations:
    WLNE (CH6) : (508)-992-6666
    WJAR (CH10) : (401)-438-7200

D.E.P. Links

MA DEP Publications by program
MA DEP Drinking Water Contacts
Drinking Water Information Page

Environmental Protection Agency Links

EPA Ground Water and Drinking Water
EPA Drinking Water and Health: What You Need to Know
EPA NE: Drinking Water Program
EPA Drinking Water for Kids

Misc. Water Related Links

Teaching Water Science Online
The Hydrologic Cycle: online meteorology guide
WaterWiser Drip Calculator
Earth's water distribution
Water Science for Schools (USGS): All about water!
Water Works!

Massachusetts Drinking Water Education Partnership

Local Water District Links

City of Taunton, Water Department

Dighton Related Links

Commonwealth Communities - Dighton, Massachusetts
Helpful Dighton Phone Numbers
GoToCity.com - Dighton, Massachusetts
GoToCity.com - North Dighton, Massachusetts

Dighton Water District Links

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